2 Common Buzzards glide over head mobbed by gulls.

another busy day with DIY as finally had the carpet laid and that’s pretty much the room ready for my parents, they’re in London now after the flight from Australia and are going to bus it up to Edinburgh, not sure why they’ve decided to bus it but guess 10 hours on a bus is not a big deal for aussie travellers and is generally the cheapest and we Aussies love our (UPDATE: saverscene now CLOSED due to moving to carer in horticulture hope to have my gardening website up early 2019) when travelling!

Now onto my garden birds, not a great amount of time being outside today, but it was fantastic to see 2 buzzards gliding high in the sky, they were getting absolutely mobbed by gulls though, some of the gulls looked as big so probably less black backed gulls, not sure if greaters really come in as far as my place in west Edinburgh.

  1. Blackbird x 3 – males were fighting and 1 female going about her own thing.
  2. Carrion crow x 1 fly over
  3. Coal Tit x 1
  4. Common Buzzard x 2 – getting mobbed by gulls, not sure which type though.
  5. Dunnock x 3 – very spring like behaviour from them today
  6. Long-tailed tit x 1
  7. Magpie x 2
  8. Woodpigeon x 1

So who’s going to win the Rugby this weekend?  Wales at home or the impressive English defence?

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