Hello from the Netherlands a few new birds for the year!

Hi all I’m writing from the Netherlands here to see the http://www.keukenhof.nl/ displays, amazing gardens!  I wasn’t sure about the internet access but the hotel I’m currently in has free wifi, a few new birds for the year as well as a Bat (not sure what type) and 2 hares have shown up while out on the bus and when managing to do some walking, ankle tendon’s popped out a few times sadly.

Bird list from Netherlands mostly from Keukenhof:

  1. Blackbird
  2. Chaffinch
  3. Coot*
  4. Dunnock
  5. Egyptian Goose*
  6. Great Tit
  7. Grey Herron
  8. House Sparrow
  9. Jackdaw
  10. Lapwing*
  11. Mallard Duck
  12. Mute Swan
  13. Starling
  14. Swallow*

*new for the year :D

Thanks to having internet access I also managed to update the Saver Scene Australia finance pages: www.saverscene.com.au/finance/ (now closed as I move into gardening as a profession) for best savings, credit cards and bank accounts.  I love having free wifi, it’s amazing just how many places in Holland have it, although I try not to be in front of my computer while travelling it’s helpful for a few things like listing birds :D and updating money saving websites and forums!  I hope to have time to update the UK one on Monday as i have to take time off my feet due to the torn ankle tendons.   I’ll process some pictures when back in Edinburgh to show the beauty of the Dutch gardens!