Feel really bad, didn’t have a lot of time bird watching today was in the garden a lot of the day, digging up dead trees and removing awful plastic under the soil.  Other than the LTTs everything else seemed scared to show itself.  If I wasn’t in the garden I was helping my Dad remove old pipe and cable work from under the house.  Very few birds seen today :(

I may need to get a few wildlife cameras setup so I can see more of the birds, I’ve started looking into it and the guys at

Fly On The Wall – security and wildlife cameras (sadly closed)  have given us an exclusive voucher code for April 2013 this is an exclusive code for a 12% discount on all wildlife and bird cameras, voucher code: WBIST12

I’ll do a bit more about it in a post tomorrow.

  1. Blackbird x 1
  2. Dunnock x 1
  3. Long-tailed tit x 2

even the Woodpigeons didn’t show up!