Back at home and my garden bird list

Today was busy doing the Aussie finance updates and sadly spending too much time removing spam from websites!  I’ve added as many filters as I can find with no luck in reducing it.  After the work was done I was out for it, my legs just couldn’t stand any more use so had to spend the rest of the day in bed, so very very frustrating!  I’m used to happily walking 30 miles and then going out to a gig at night…  Now I walk 2 miles and I have to stay off my feet the whole next day.  My bird list suffered for time spent in bed and this is all I got to see:

  1. Blackbird x 2 – on way to where the nest is
  2. Dunnock x 2
  3. Woodpigeon x 2

Not even sure if the blue tits are still nesting, I haven’t seen them or heard them about.  I really hope nothing disturbed them while I was away, as I noticed a few entire half coconut feeders have gone missing from the garden, I’m hoping just blown off the trees and a fox has taken them whilst on the ground, but you never know, I’ve seen some decent sized crows at them.

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